About Us

About Pegasus

Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) was Founded in Mumbai, the Indian Financial Capital 1966, PCS Global provide a world class multinational and multicultural platform for foreign investors to operate at PAN India. Representing some of the most successful global brands in power, water, rail, construction, engineering , homeland security & Space IT, PCS has a proven heritage of sustainable operational success and the strategic skills to pave the way for even greater growth.

The name Multi Brands was chosen as India is an amalgamation of multiple verticals ( language, culture, topography, climate, business dynamics, trade volume, natural resources, technical knowhow, skilled human resources, business friendly environment and above all one TAX one Country )

Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) portfolio has increased dramatically both horizontally and vertically over recent years, its geographic reach has expanded with it, reaching businesses from markets as diverse as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, Slovakia, Australia, Turkey, UK, and USA. Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) has got good clients for European Union.

Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) operations as a foreign business representative, the organisation’s experience of highly successful joint ventures and acquisitions enables the company to unleash the true potential of untapped markets and inject capital to rejuvenate ailing businesses. In order to complete any transactions with as little disturbance and time as possible, Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) corporate compliance team ensures all due diligence requirements are already in place.

Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) has always provided its services with integrity, professionalism and ethics. Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) acts as a Liaison office or a representative office for foreign Company in India.

Pegasus Corporate Services ( Global ) facilitate JV for the companies its representing with Indian local companies. Multi Brands is our web page as we are in a strong belief system that India is Multiple Identity Country and we at PCS works on multiple Sectors.

PCS (Global ) objectives

  • Representing companies as commission agents / consultants & trade negotiating agents. Promoting export from India / importing Knowhow inwards to India.
  • Promoting technical / financial collaborations between Foreign companies and Indian companies in JV and Equity Capital.
  • Business Development & Marketing Activities for the Principle Companies.
  • Full on-the-ground Logistical Support for the principle companies.
  • Office Facilities for the Principles with local address and attendance.
  • Introductions into specific client bodies on behalf of the Principles.
  • Market Knowledge and Intelligence Information.
  • Registration & Prequalification with potential clients.
  • Trade License and registration with the relevant Government authorities
  • Visa & Medical Insurance formalities for the Project undertaken from our Principles